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Welcome to the Collin County Clerk’s Marks, Brands and Tattoos Online!

Texas, the only state to allow registration at the county level, requires anyone who owns livestock to mark, brand or tattoo their animals.  These marks, brands and tattoos must be registered with the County Clerk in the county in which the animals reside.  


In order to make the registration application more efficient and easier to use, Collin County Clerk Stacey Kemp automated the entire process.  This all new, innovative process is the first of its kind in the State of Texas.

Owners/Agents now have the ability to complete the application online from the comfort of their own home.  In addition, the Collin County Clerk also provides public service computers, located in the McKinney office, so the application can be completed with the assistance of our highly trained staff.


For more information about our online registration application you can call us at 972-548-4185 or email us at 

Click here to view the marks, brands and tattoos which have already been registered in Collin County.