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Are you this wanted person?
There is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, we will as a courtesy allow you to turn
yourself in at the Collin County Detention Facility located at 4300 Community Avenue,
McKinney, Texas.
 > You will need to bring photo identification with you when you report to the
    Detention Center.
 > Your bail may be posted by cash or surety after your paperwork has been  
 > The warrant for your arrest has been entered into the statewide computer
    system.  It is probable that any contact with law enforcement officer will
    result in your immediate arrest and incarceration.
 > If you fail to turn yourself in, this matter will be resolved at our convenience. 
    A Deputy Sheriff will take whatever measures are necessary to locate you and
    execute your warrant for the arrest.
 > You could be physically arrested at home, at work, or while driving -- then
    incarcerated. In addition to the normal cost of an arrest, you may incur
    impound, towing and storage charges regarding your vehicle.
 > If you have any  questions, you may call the Warrants Section of the Collin 
    County Sheriff's Office at 972-547-5130.

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